on which the representations for the submodel are based

Handover information for engineering authoring systems
Article of trade information for engineering authoring systems

Submodel “CAD Data”

With the digital twin in the asset administration shell, you as a design engineer always have all the information at hand. Incorrect formats, incompatible versions of CAD models or problems with their transmission are now a thing of the past.

In addition to general information on dimensions and weight, the “CAD data” submodel also contains download links to the required files – in the correct format and version. In addition, macros and hole patterns can also be saved, enabling automatic placement.

The digital twin tremendously helps me to manage the constant flood of information. In the past, I had to register with every manufacturer and supplier. Now, with the asset administration shell, I have a central point of contact and all the latest data immediately and thanks to clearly structured submodels, I am quickly able tofind all the information I need. From CAD data to usage data with valuable information for improving my development. I save a lot of time even during research, which helps me to fully concentrate on my actual work. 

Nick Yang Junior Design Engineer