Industry 4.0 – Challenges and Opportunities

With Industry 4.0, a fundamental transformation is taking place in all areas of companies, leading to changes across the entire value chain.

Fluid power, with its hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing technologies, comprises very different products that can be combined to create a wide range of application-specific systems. At the same time, however, this diversity and flexibility also leads to a large amount of data and information. Fluid Power 4.0 enables structured recording, seamless documentation and always up-to-date product data.

Fluid Power 4.0


Innovative digitization solutions enable the development of new products and services in both the supplier and user industries.

Data defines the value creation of tomorrow. Both manufacturers and users rely on information throughout the entire product lifecycle. But the search for this information is often difficult and leads to unclear and missing data, wrong assumptions, a lot of time, nerve-wracking phone calls between suppliers and users and, last but not least, desperate customers.

But there is a simple, consistent, and platform-independent solution: the digital twin!



Key technology and central element of Fluid Power 4.0 is the asset administration shell, which sets industry standards and makes them uniformly accessible in companies.

The so-called asset administration shell (AAS) implements the digital fluid twin. It contains all data and information throughout the entire life cycle. It is standardized across manufacturers, structured and compatible with formats such as “Automation ML” or “OPC UA”. This enables linking and embedding in the digitization concepts of the user industries.

Success of all process participants is ensured – and the users are satisfied!



The digital twin provides a quick and straightforward solution to a wide range of challenges in daily work.

The user-centered design approach offers specific solutions throughout the entire product life cycle. Application scenarios address real and cross-company challenges.

Take a look at our solution-oriented use cases and discover Fluid Power 4.0 in action!



Background information about the functionality and technology of Fluid Power 4.0

Use Cases

User and customer needs in the focus of Fluid Power 4.0


View into the asset administration shell for  several fluid power components and systems