Human Centered Design Approach

Digitization – shifting from technology view to customer view. The needs of customers and users are always our focus.

The structured design thinking approach allows the consideration of real existing problems of different stakeholders, since each person faces different challenges with the same product.

In several user experience workshops, realistic critical situations including so-called “pain points” in certain use cases were identified and relevant features and submodels were derived as specific solutions.

Product Life Cycle

Each phase of the product life cycle is characterized by different types of information and requirements.

The VDMA and its companies participating in the Fluid Power 4.0 initiative developed specific use cases for this purpose. These range from marketing, development, simulation, logistics, commissioning and operation to maintenance and service. Different planning and product domains require different solutions for the flow of information.

In each phase, there are different expansion stages of the digital product twin, which ensure the exchange of data among each other.


Representative characters, so-called personas, were derived for each use case and the stakeholders involved. These embody real people and application-related problems.

Design Engineer Nick Yang, Line Manager Ingo Stetter, Dispatcher Nina Hof and Application Engineer Marianne Seiler are the first representatives. Learn more about their roles and expectations and get to know specific digital twin solutions.

Use Cases