on which the representations for the submodel are based

Product Change Notifications for industrial product types and items in manufacturing

Submodel „Product Change Notification“

The data-based approach of the digital twin helps to reduce risks and ensure the profitability of the company, especially in strategic decisions.

The “change model in the asset administration shell” makes it easier to evaluate changes. A classification of relevancies during data checking enables changes to assess in terms of their consequences and simplifies the decision as to whether a particular product can be (further) used. In addition, changes that are uniform across manufacturers can be transmitted directly fully digital. Precise information about the type of change, the schedule/change date, and possible replacement products – including delivery time and stock (if necessary) – facilitates the coordination of changes between purchasing and suppliers as well as development and production, and thus reduces the change effort.

After product changes, I have to coordinate with the engineering department and check whether the changed product can still be used on the basis of its specifications. Until now, this has always been associated with a high risk and a lot of effort: Since there was usually no direct connection between the e-shop and the ERP, information was often inconsistent or outdated. Now, with the digital twin, I am able to assess changes because I always have the latest information available and I also can become familiar with technical details more easily thanks to the uniform, clear structure. 

Nina Hof Dispatcher