on which the representations for the submodel are based

Parameter Information of Industrial Equipment

Submodel “Parameter Information 

The digital twin provides precise knowledge of the condition and settings of fluid power components and systems. As a result, maintenance work can be planned more proactively and carried out more quickly, which prevents downtimes and production losses and thus increases availability.  

If, for example, components need to be replaced, all connection-relevant information and settings can be retrieved from the asset administration shell and transferred to the spare part. Information on the creator of the settings file and on versioning, as well as parameterization notes, can also be saved in the corresponding “parameter information” submodel and are thus always available as an up-to-date data record. 


As a line manager, I have to resume production as quickly as possible in the event of a machine downtime. Eery second counts! The complete documentation of the entire fault and service history, as provided by the digital twin, makes troubleshooting much easier. In addition, the standardization of the information helps with the interpretation of the data. And since I now also have access to all parameterization data via the asset administration shell, I can easily transfer this to the spare parts and thus also save time when replacing components. 

Ingo Stetter Line Manager